CK Autism Spectrum Adaptation Program

Cool Kids ASA is a variation of the Cool Kids Anxiety Program. The Program was initially designed for children (Grade 1- 6) who have anxiety and (high functioning) Autism Spectrum Disorder, including Asperger’s Disorder. We have now extended the Program to include a teenage version of materials, taking the age range fro 7-17 years.  Either the child or teen workbook can be used, dependent on the target child’s maturity and cognitive development.

Anxiety management skills are adapted to suit the learning style of children with an ASD and the typical presentations of anxiety that are seen in ASD.  The kit includes a parent workbook, a child workbook, and a teen workbook, each with handouts, activity guides and visual supports. Topics covered in the program include:

  • The additional skill of relaxation
  • A simplified approach to cognitive restructuring using “worry stories” and visual prompts
  • Increased use of visual supports and visual work systems to demonstrate skills
  • Visual checklists to assist with home practice tasks and exposure exercises
  • Activities for social skills development
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