Cool Little Kids Anxiety Prevention Program


The Cool Little Kids Program is a psycho-educational parenting program designed for parents of children aged 3-6 years who exhibit excessive shyness or other types of anxiety.

The program equips parents with knowledge and practical skills and tips on how to help their child manage and overcome anxiety. The program uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques to give parents effective tools and strategies to assist their child.

The program covers topics including:

  • Understanding anxiety and shyness in preschool children
  • Causes and risk factors for child anxiety
  • Helpful and unhelpful ways of responding to anxiety in children
  • Skills and strategies to help your child build brave behaviours and face fears
  • Dealing with setbacks and difficulties
  • How to maintain progress after the program ends

Cool Little Kids can be delivered in either a group setting (with 4-6 families), or an individual format. 

The program is run by a therapist using the Cool Little Kids kit (which includes a therapist manual and parent workbook). Each parent participating in the program requires their own workbook. Photocopying the workbooks is a breach of copyright. Additional workbooks can be purchased on this shop. 

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