Helping Your Anxious Child

Based on the world renowned Cool Kids Anxiety Program for children and adolescents, the Helping Your Anxious Child parent-led program is written for parents of children aged 7-12 years. The step-by-step parent book and accompanying children's workbook are designed for children who experience excessive fears and worries, phobias (e.g. a fear of the dark or a fear of spiders), separation anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. 

We are currently clearing the remaining stock of the second edition of Helping Your Anxious Child in anticipation of a third edition.

Helping Your Anxious Child utilises the latest psychological research in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and provides information and practical techniques for parents and children to help manage child anxiety. Along with the accompanying children's workbook, the program includes recording forms, practical tasks, exercises and plenty of case examples, helping parents guide their child through their anxiety while parenting with compassion. 

Helping Your Anxious Child covers topics including:

  • Understanding anxiety
  • How thoughts and feelings affect anxiety
  • Anxiety and the body
  • The worry scale
  • Self-talk
  • Learning to think realistically
  • Learning to solve a problem
  • Parenting an anxious child
  • Facing fear to fight fear
  • Assertiveness and social skills
  • Relaxation
  • Planning for the future

The parent guide is used in conjunction with the Helping Your Anxious Child Children's Workbook, a spiral-bound book containing a comprehensive set of coordinated activity sheets and worksheets for children to complete whilst the parent works through the parent guide. The workbook enables children and parents to practice strategies taught in the parent guide. 

Please note that the worksheets in the child workbook are also free to download with your purchase of the parent guide (instructions for downloading worksheets are located in the parent guide), however many parents choose to purchase the kit containing the spiral-bound children's workbook for ease of use and reference. 

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